Creamy Cleanser – 200ml & 500ml

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Creamy Cleanser – 200ml & 500ml

The perfect product for really dehydrated hair. Creamy Cleanser cleanses your hair without lathering leaving you with shiny, manageable, moisturised and strengthened tresses.

Perfect for those that prefer a low-maintenance shower routine. Also effective for dandruff sufferers.

For all hair types, especially dry and dehydrated hair.


Use the Creamy Cleanser to replace shampoo. Wet your hair thoroughly, squeeze a dash of the cleanser into your palm before working into your scalp and work the product into your hair really well. Rinse and then condition as usual.

Use daily (for oily hair) or less frequently (dry hair) and enjoy beautifully healthy, soft hair – the natural way.

Made in Melbourne, Australia

Creamy Cleanser – 200ml


Creamy Cleanser – 500ml