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At Rush Hair and Co. we LOVE and stock an extensive range of quality Certified Organic hair care products that are ammonia and PDD free. We’re proud to say that our salon products are produced cruelty free and are vegan friendly! It means they do not test their products or the ingredients used to make their products on animals!

We believe 100% in the products we use and endorse.

qaba stockist

Qaba believed it was time to come up with a unique and different way of treating hair & scalp. All qaba products are sulphate and paraben free and Australian made (in Melbourne) with passion. They are made from 100% pure, natural ingredients that treat the hair & scalp as one. Qaba does not endorse animal testing in any form and all qaba products are strictly tested on humans only.

The qabaTM  way is all about you feeling confident and sexy without compromising your personal style !

Kuene_logoKeune stands for elegance, creativity and the contemporary hair look. Keune products and treatments are only available to consumers from professional hairdressers. In conjunction with hairdressers, Keune develops hair products and services for hairdressers and their consumers. Keune does not test on animals and does not use animal-derived ingredients – making it 100% Vegan.

Formulated using superior ingredients, Keune Color inspires endless creativity. Four reasons to start using Tinta Color now:

  1. Superb conditioning
  2. Silky soft shine
  3. Durability due to UV Protector
  4. No staining on the scalp

Selected Keune products available in our online store (click on the image above). Full range of products available using the link below:


Olaplex is the original, unique and patented chemistry that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds. Olaplex did not create a product category – Olaplex is the product category.

Olaplex gives colourists confidence, the insurance and the ability to colour or lighten hair at any level without the risk of breakage. This new and unique chemistry has 8 worldwide patents and has been tested thousands of times, putting samples of hair through extreme processes that would never be attempted in reality.

Olaplex can be used in your colour services or as a stand-alone treatment, with its single active ingredient repairing the hair from within. The result is stronger and healthier hair, plus colour lasts longer with more vibrancy.


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