So Pure Calming Conditioner for Sensitive Scalp – 200ml


So Pure Calming Conditioner for Dry Hair – 200ml

Soothe irritated scalp – and detangle and nourish hair – with So Pure Calming Conditioner. Gentle on skin and hair, and part of an effective scalp treatment.

Solve scalp worries Irritation and itchiness isn’t something people like to talk about. That’s why salons are so important – a place where people can confide in their hairstylist, and find real solutions. Our So Pure Calming Conditioner contains organic oils and natural extracts, especially chosen for their ability to soothe and heal sensitive scalp – while adding volume and shine to hair. Now irritated scalp can calm down and enjoy all that wonderful hair.


All hair types


  • Paraben free & Vegan friendly
  • Calms sensitive scalps
  • Adds volume and shine
  • Strengthens hair and scalp


Chamomile, Lavender & Argan Oil